Analytics Tips For SEO

When it comes to keeping your website fully optimized, there are not many tools out there that can help as much as Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a great tool for optimizing your website for a variety of reasons.

Jabir Mohamed of Search Beast SEO will be going over some of the top 5 Google Analytics tips that you can utilize to maximize the rankings of your website.

1. Analyze Conversion Rates.

This is one of the most valuable uses for this tool. Being able to analyze the conversion rates per device is a great way to tell what is going on with your website and traffic. Because you will be able to tell how much of a conversion difference you are getting from desktop, mobile, and tablet, it will allow you to figure out if there are ways to optimize your website to be more responsive and to convert better for mobile traffic. This is huge nowadays even when it comes to ranking potential because search engines are placing more of an emphasis than ever before on ranking the most optimized websites for mobile devices. Afterall, they recognize and understand the importance of responsiveness for their own end user’s satisfaction levels and overall experience.

2. Analyze Social Interactions.

Another excellent way to utilize this tool is by tracking and analyzing social interactions. Because you will be able to tell whether or not a certain social media platform is value for your business, it is going to allow you to spend more time on the platforms that are bringing in more traffic. The more traffic you can get to your website through a specific social media platform, the better your overall ranking potential will be. This will allow you to avoid wasting time on social media platforms that are simply not bringing in traffic for your website.

3. Figure Out Users Intent.

When your traffic searches for a specific term and lands on your website, they are essentially telling you their intent and what they want from visiting your website. If you notice a high bounce rate for any particular keyword or key phrase, you are likely generating the wrong kind of traffic or leading them to a page that doesn’t cater to their wants or needs. As a result, your website is experiencing high bounce rates which can destroy your ability to rank well. By figuring out your user’s intent better, you should be able to get your website to rank much higher overall.

4. Explore Your Prospective Customer’s Journey.

Another way that you can use this tool to effectively optimize your website to rank better is by looking at and examining the traffic that comes to your website. By figuring out where they go, what they click on, and more, you should be able to optimize your content better to achieve sustained traffic and better results overall.

5. Create Alerts to Monitor Error Pages.

This is another huge way that this tool can help optimize and boost your rankings. By creating alerts to errors, you will be able to minimize the number of errors that occur on your website and speed up the time that it takes to solve them. This is ultimately going to make your site much more appealing to search engines to rank better in their results. Afterall, they want to be sure that they are sending their traffic to websites that are not full of errors. This is a straightforward thing to do and can positively help your rankings.

Overall, there are a lot of different ways that Google Analytics can help your website or SEO services. Not only can it help you keep track of and fix errors when they occur, but it can help you keep track of and analyze the different patterns your traffic is taking when they visit your website. This will allow you to optimize your site better to cater directly to your traffic and provide them with the different things they want. It is an essential tool that should be installed on every web owners platform and can provide valuable data that you can use to boost your overall rankings.