The study of the UFO which is also termed as the Ufology has first evolved in this country almost thirty years ago but in an unorganized manner. But due to the several sightings of UFO in various areas of the country and an increasing interest of the people, Canadian felt the need of an organized research and reporting center in this regard. Thus they have come up with few authorities who can take care of all the research work on the UFOs that can be seen in Canada (especially in the Edmonton Alberta area). Now the Canadian Ufology has come across a long way, and they are now developing centers where people can report the UFO sightings. Moreover, the Canadian people also built a UFO landing pad to welcome the extraterrestrial and unknown lives which are supposed to drive these kinds of airborne objects. But due to the vastness of the land and meager and sparsely dense population, most of the UFO sightings go unseen. Thus to record more of these actions now a group of researchers has come up with a website where people can quickly report such kinds of instances and based on that the researchers can do their inspection.

Evolution Of Ufology In Canada