Evolution Of Ufology In Canada

The study of the UFO which is also termed as the Ufology has first evolved in this country almost thirty years ago but in an unorganized manner. But due to the several sightings of UFO in various areas of the country and an increasing interest of the people, Canadian felt the need of an organized research and reporting center in this regard. Thus they have come up with few authorities who can take care of all the research work on the UFOs that can be seen in Canada (especially in the Edmonton Alberta area). Now the Canadian Ufology has come across a long way, and they are now developing centers where people can report the UFO sightings. Moreover, the Canadian people also built a UFO landing pad to welcome the extraterrestrial and unknown lives which are supposed to drive these kinds of airborne objects. But due to the vastness of the land and meager and sparsely dense population, most of the UFO sightings go unseen. Thus to record more of these actions now a group of researchers has come up with a website where people can quickly report such kinds of instances and based on that the researchers can do their inspection.

The Myths And Truths About Ufo

During human history, we get attracted towards the unknown and mysterious things, or you can say we incline to the things that cannot be explained conventionally. There is no dearth of such incidents in the world history, but the mystery which is always in the news and invokes the interest of the people is UFO. UFO or unidentified flying object can be defined as the object that can be seen in the sky which doesn’t look like the common flying objects of the earth and is also unidentifiable. But if you have to go by the words of the experts then UFO is the extraterrestrial objects that can be seen in the sky more often. The study of UFO is termed as the Ufology. Though most of the UFOs are identified later as the conventional flying things like weather balloons, aircraft, still there are some cases which are still not solved.



Today the term UFO is known to all but before the 1940 people were not very conversant with this terminology. The US Air Force first coined this terminology in the year 1953 to define all such incidents that couldn’t be resolved.



According to them, UFO is “any airborne object that does not match with any presently known aircraft or missile type by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features and cannot be positively identified as a familiar object." After the first few years of its invention, the term UFO often used to refer the flying disc or flying saucer.

However, later especially during the Cold War, when the USA got more possessed about their security concern they used to use this term to define all kinds of airborne objects that were seen in the sky and did not have a conventional shape or design.

Whereas Project Sign was the first official operation to reveal the truth about UFO, on the other hand with Project Blue Book, the USA government has come to a proper conclusion and truthfulness about this.

Later on, to unravel the truths about the UFO, Governments of different countries take the steps and started various operations at the different time of the last millennia. But amongst all the countries, Canada got the most success after the USA. 

Incidents Of Ufo Sightings In Canada

Canada is one of those countries where the most numbers of cases have been reported in part two years. In 2015 the citizens of Canada had reported 1000 such cases. If you add up the UFO siting cases in this country for all the years, then the figure is a huge one. Here are some of the top incidents of UFO that had come to the first page of nearly all newspaper in the country.

Clan Lake, Northwest Territories: in the year 1960 a man and his partner claimed that they had seen a UFO nearly 6 feet wide hitting the clean lake in Yellowknife.

Falcon Lake, Manitoba: on May 1967 it was told that a man has burned by one flying saucer with which he came in contact. Moreover, it was reported that there were two UFOs sighted.

Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia: in the same year one unidentified object has crashed in the vicinity of the shag harbor.

Price George, B.C: in the year 1969 it was reported that various persons had seen the three different UFOs in this area of Canada. 

    • Southern Manitoba: in 1975 and 1976 people of southern Manitoba had witnessed a red colored glowing object several times.
    • Montreal aerial phenomenon: in 1990 in the city of Montreal several people had seen an unidentified object of 540 meters wide on the roof of the Bonaventure hotel. It was also reported that the UFO was round and metallic and emitting bright white rays and 8-10 colors too. The UFO was there for more than three hours in that position and then moved to the northwards.
  • Harbour Mille:  in the winter of 2010 people of Harbour Mille, Newfoundland and Labrador has experienced several UFO sightings in the same night. First, it was declared as the missile launch then from the prime minister’s office; the statement was retracted.
  • Kensington, PEI sighting: in the year 2014 at the time of bonfire a few people saw a UFO and one of them also recorded the incident on his mobile phone also. Later it was declared as one of the real cases of UFO siting.