Why I Indulge In UFO Researchyness

Welcome to my Web Site. I have been researching the UFO phenomenon for over 15 years. It is with some trepidation that I wade into this controversial area but I also feel a great degree of responsibility to do what I can to disseminate the most reliable information on this subject.  Ultimately, I came to terms with my own belief in that “Those who see a need for change and have the means to act have the responsibility to act”

I make no excuses that I am a strong proponent for the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Now, that sure doesn’t mean I believe in every theory about aliens and UFO’s. In an area that is as controversial as this, you had better be armed with a high degree of discernment, be prepared to question everything and be very careful about jumping to conclusions. At the very least we can use the fundamental principles of investigation and scientific disciplines of research. There is no other subject that needs it more than this one. Restricting information to the public is only going to invite extremist view points.

If contact is occurring, it’s just not occurring in any way that anyone predicted or could have predicted. Unfortunately, this has created a great gap in our understanding, and one that needs to be filled in rather quickly. Although we have some tangible pieces of this puzzle; to date; we still lack a comprehensive explanation of the UFO phenomenon.

A Special Hello to Barb Campbell of the Northwest Saskatchewan UFO Research Center.

I would encourage those with interest to visit this site.